Firewood permits are available June 1 - October 31.

  • The annual limit for firewood collection is five (5) cords, and that the firewood must be removed in pieces no larger than 24 inches in length. For Personal use only. NOT FOR SALE.

  • All firewood collectors must have the appropriate Recreation Permit for vehicles used to collect and transport firewood.

  • Firewood collection is prohibited from:

    • Active logging and road construction sites or posted areas

    • Areas accessed by USFS COOP roads

    • Log yards, landing, and mill sites

    • All areas within 100 feet of a stream

  • Live trees or any cedar (live, dead, standing or down) may not be harvested for firewood

  • Compliance with all federal, state and local laws (statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, etc.), including - but not limited to all laws pertaining to forest practices, environmental protection and safety are required.

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